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 For a limited time only Armadillo Dry presents the "Militaur Hanger". We have created a limited edition heavy duty hanger with Armadillo Drys introduction to our new brand MILITAUR. We are not going anywhere, we are rebranding due to the huge support of our customers. With that said our MILITAUR HANGER was designed by our team to bring you functionality while at work or play. 

This hanger is designed for heavy duty gear and with it's superior strength support all your specialized equipment. The unique design will keep your work, business or play attire organized and secure anywhere you go. 

Tested by the best for the best. The Militaur hanger is the perfect accessory for convenience and function. Built to endure; the aviation grade aluminum carabiner gives this hanger the custom ability to clip, hook, wrap, hang, pin, attach, fasten, clasp pinch or loop to your hanging desire. Our newly designed adjustable strap gives you control of length for the perfect positioning every time. Using high impact ABS plastic the hanger itself has slide stopping curves to keep those heavy items secure, an open slot for your pants/uniform and a regular shape hook hanger for your business and clothing needs. When reversed use either the carabiner or hook to fasten your accessories or bags giving you more options.

The MILITAUR Hanger was lab tested at 80kg (approx. 175lbs), it's designed to support your gear with no issues. Carabiner is high quality aluminum. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews Write a review
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