MILITAUR Ventilation Vest

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The MILITAUR Ventilation Vest is a durable polyester-mesh vest that sits under your body armor. It creates space between your vest and body, so refreshing cool air can circulate and cut down on heat and moisture build-up. You'll notice reduction in odor and sweat, resulting in a drier undershirt.

This vest also provides weight distribution, making your body armor sit more comfortably and feel lighter. So, when you go launching out of your cruiser to chase down a runner, you’ll stay cool and comfortable.

It fits under any carrier (ballistic or non-ballistic), from any manufacturer. If you’re not sure if it’ll fit under your carrier, contact us.

Leave sweat-soaked undershirts and painful chafing behind, get your MILITAUR Vest today and stay cool under pressure.

*Each MILITAUR Ventilation Vest comes with two (2) removable / adjustable velcro shoulder straps to ensure your ventilation vest remains in place.


SMALL - Chest > 34”, Torso 24-30”, Weight > 145lbs
MEDIUM - Chest 35-38“, Torso 31-38”, Weight 150-175lbs
LARGE - Chest 39-45“, Torso 36-43”, Weight 180-215lbs
X-LARGE - Chest  46-50“, Torso 40-46”, Weight 220lbs-260lbs 

2XL- Chest greater 50”, Torso greater 48”, Weight greater 265lbs 


(Torso is measured at the lower rib) Sizing Chart - CLICK HERE

Please note, sizes are approximate and will vary with different body types. If you have any questions about sizing, please contact us  and we will help ensure you get the correct size.

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MILITAUR Sizing chart

Militaur Ventilation Vest

Distributes Weight

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When your body armor sits directly against your skin, it prevents air from getting in there and cooling you down. By making room for airflow, the MILITAUR Ventilation Vest helps with allowing ventilation and comfort

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