MILITAUR Strap Keepers

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MILITAUR Strap Keepers. Easy-Use Organizers for Your GearKeep your straps neat and your gear looking sharp with our Strap Keepers! Designed for simplicity and efficiency, these dual-sided micro hook and loop accessories are perfect for managing loose straps and webbing on your vests, carriers, backpacks, and ruck straps.Key Features:- Package comes with 4 keepers for 1 inch strapping/webbing and 2 keepers for 1.5 inch strapping/webbing.- Simple Slip-On Design for 1 and 1.5 inch straps.- Keeps straps folded and in place while allowing quick adjustments.- Great for tidying up your tactical and outdoor equipment.
Experience hassle-free strap management and maintain a professional appearance with our Strap Keepers. Your solution for organized and accessible gear!

There's nothing worse than having loose backpack straps flapping and flopping around. They can snag on foliage and branches, they get annoying when tapping and swinging into you, and they look sloppy and unprofessional. These Militaur Strap Keepers are a simple way to fix loose backpack straps in a seconds. 

Militaur strap keepers in black, pack of 6, to keep loose straps and webbing secure and organized
MILITAUR strap keepers make sure your loose straps and webbing are kept clean and professional looking
Militaur strap keepers come in a pack with four 1 inch keepers and two 1.5 inch keepers
Militaur strap keepers keep loose ruck straps organized and clean
how to use a Militaur strap keeper, 4 step process to get professional looking bags
use a Militaur strap keeper to wrap your loose strap ends keeping them out of your way and free from snagging
easy to use and adjust Militaur strap keepers are an essential piece of kit to add to your outdoor gear for loose webbing and straps

Customer Reviews

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Easy to use. Well made


Really helps keep all loss straps from being in your way


Work perfectly to square away my excess straps.


It’s a good concept. There’s different sizes of straps to secure loose straps. There could be more directions to apply the straps. They do the job ok.


This product works very well . Great for keeping cords in a neat package.