Adjustable MILITAUR Ventilation Vest (Unisex)

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After Hearing your Feedback, we Designed and Developed a FULLY ADJUSTABLE Ventilation Vest so that you can Customize it to your Body Type (Unisex). This Innovative Vest has 4 Points of Attachment - the Shoulders and Side Straps which Allow for Unique Comfort and Fit. 

*Each Vest comes with Front and Back Vest Panels, 2 Adjustable Shoulder Straps, 2 Adjustable Side Straps, 2 Removable Velcro Straps to Ensure your Ventilation Vest Remains in Place and 8 ventilation hook attachments.

This Innovative Ventilation Vest Creates a Space Between your Body Armor/carrier and your Undershirt. Creating Airflow and Breathability, so Refreshing Cool Air Circulates and Cuts Down on Heat & Moisture Build-Up. You will Notice a Reduction in Sweat, Resulting in a Drier Undershirt at the End of Shift. 

  • Provides Weight Distribution: Allowing your Body Armor/Carrier to Sit More Comfortably & Feel Lighter. So, when you Go Launching Out of your Cruiser to Chase Down a Runner, You'll Stay Cool and Comfortable.

  • Helps Reduce Sweat: No Matter what Season it is, you can Bet that you'll end up Sweating in your Body Armor. The Adjustable MILITAUR Ventilation Vest lets Heat & Moisture Escape, Allowing for Fresh Air to Flow Freely. The Result? Less Sweat, Less Fatigue, & More Comfort. 

  • Helps Cut Odor: Sweating Under your Body Armor/Carrier Quickly Leads to you (and your Partner) Dealing with Some Serious Stink. Our Vest Keeps the Funk Away by Allowing Moisture to Escape. 
  • Helps Prevent Chafing: Having your Body Armor/Carrier Rubbing Against your Skin All Day (or Night) can Create Nasty Chafing. The Fully Adjustable MILITAUR Ventilation Vest is Made from a Lightweight Mesh that Keeps your Gear Off your Torso, Protecting you from the Effects of Chafing.

Always look for genuine MILITAUR products

Adjustable MILITAUR Ventilation Vest (Unisex) - MILITAUR
back view of militaur ventilation vest
Militaur Adjustable ventilation vest size chart
Adjustable MILITAUR Ventilation Vest (Unisex) - MILITAUR
Adjustable MILITAUR Ventilation Vest (Unisex)
female cop wearing a militaur ventilation vest
Adjustable MILITAUR Ventilation Vest (Unisex) - MILITAUR
Adjustable MILITAUR Ventilation Vest (Unisex) - MILITAUR
strong police wearing a militaur ventilation vest under internal carrier
unisex militaur ventilation vest with full adjustablility
police officer wearing a militaur adjustable cooling vest
Adjustable MILITAUR Ventilation Vest (Unisex) - MILITAUR
how to wash a militaur ventilation vest
features of a militaur ventilation vest

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Steven Horner
Works Well

Works as it should keeps me dry despite insane tempature spikes.


It’s a great product so far! It doesn’t stop the sweat 100% but it does work well! So far only the edges of my outer vest were wet even when my shirt was soaked through. It beats having to wash my carrier and vest every time I sweat profusely though.

Lawrence Longstreth
Good to go!

I have been wearing your ventilation system under my Safariland Oregon City outer carrier for 3 weeks now. It definitely has kept me considerably cooler in the recent Ohio high temps & humidity.

Ari Artadi
Awesome ventilation vest

The vest works. great product and well made. Truly appriciate the personalized letter included on the purchase. I wear it daily. I would definitely recommend!

Luiz Fernandes
Always on !!!!

Always on, it helps a lot keeping the sweat down and ventilation going.