Door Stops Singles (Box of 10)

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Door Stops Singles (Box of 10)


Our First Responder Door Jams are MOLLE/PALS compatible and made from durable high impact rubber allowing flexibility for multi door use. 

These door jams are easy to use and can be placed on the top, on the edge or over the hinge of any door allowing for quick entry into a secure building or house. 

Made with high quality EPDM rubber and a black nylon paracord attachment for easy grab access. 

First responders know the importance of time and getting your crew/back-up through a secure door once you've made entry. No more looking for a rock or a newspaper to wedge a door open. This ultra convenient door jam will become an essential tool while on duty. It's design is unique for quick and easy storage access, with the flexibility to work on any door. Be safe, act quick and get your back-up through the door while you go take care of business.

  • Box of 10 door stops
  • Black Nylon paracord to allow for easy grab
  • Attach it to your backpack, insert in your MOLLE/PALS for quick access and convenience.
  • Lightweight and flexible

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MILITAUR Door Stop, Door Jam, First Responder Door Stop
MILITAUR Door Stop, Door Jam
First Responder Door Stop, MILITAUR Door Stop
MILITAUR Door Stop, First Responder Door stop
MILITAUR First Responder Door Stop/Jam