Militaur Heat Shrink Tubes

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The Militaur Heat Shrink Tubes are used to permanently combine the knotted portion of a paracord into a tightly sealed casing. Our tubes are dual-walled with an adhesive lining, which is designed for 550 knotted paracord.

  • Each pack contains 10 (40mm in length) heat shrink tubes
  • Comes in two colors Black or Blue

Great for the first responder door stops, bags, zipper pull cords and anywhere you're looking for a permanent seal on paracord knots.

Militaur heat shrink tubes
Militaur Heat Shrink Tubes
Militaur Heat Shrink Tubes
militaur blue and black paracord casing heat shrink tubes
black paracord heat tube by militaur on  backpack
blue zipper pull tab from militaur heat shrink tube
militaur door stop with black heat shrink tube
militaur door stop with blue paracord heat shrink tube
black zipper rubber pull cord by militaur on luggage