MILITAUR Adjustable Ventilation Vest


The MILITAUR  Adjustable Ventilation Vest creates a spacer between your body armor and your undershirt so that your gear is no longer against your body. This creates airflow and breathability keeping your body cooler and more comfortable.  It creates space between your vest and body, so refreshing cool air can circulate and cut down on heat and moisture build-up. You'll notice reduction in odor and sweat, resulting in a drier undershirt. This vest also provides weight distribution, making your body armor sit more comfortably and feel lighter. So, when you go launching out of your cruiser to chase down a runner, you'll stay cool and comfortable. Leave sweat-soaked undershirts and painful chafing behind.

Features and Benefits:

Reduces Sweat: No matter what season it is, you can bet that you'll end up sweating in your body armor. The  MILITAUR Adjustable Ventilation Vest creates space between your body armor and undershirt, so heat and moisture can escape while fresh air flows freely. The result? Less sweat, less fatigue, and more comfort.

Helps Cut Odor: Sweating under your body armor quickly leads to you (and your partner) dealing with some serious stink. Our vest keeps the funk away by allowing moisture to escape.

Provides Cooling/breathability: When your body armor sits directly against your skin, it prevents air from getting in there and cooling you down. By making room for airflow, the MILITAUR Adjustable Ventilation Vest pulls heat and moisture away from your body and keeps you cool - even when the temperature is turned up.

Helps Prevent Chafing: Having your body armor rubbing against your skin all day (or night) can create nasty chafing. The MILITAUR Ventilation Vest is made from a lightweight honeycomb mesh that keeps your gear off your torso, protecting you from the effects of chafing.

Distributes Weight: Because the MILITAUR Ventilation Vest is compressible, it helps distribute the weight of your body armor and keep it snugly in-place. So, whether you’re hopping fences or doing event security, your body armor will sit comfortably all shift long.

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