• Our Newly Designed Adjustable Strap Gives Control of Length for the Perfect Positioning Every Time.
  • Hang your Body Armor, Ventilation Vest, Duty Belt, Tactical Gear, Uniform, Bags & Backpack.
  • For Scuba Gear, Football & Hockey Equipment, Motorbike Gear, Weighted Vests, Camping & Hunting. Hang it In or off your Locker, on a Tree while on Training or Camping. Stay Organized while Traveling. 
  • Using high Impact ABS Plastic for Durability the Hanger is as Strong as they Come. With Slide Stopping Curves to Keep Those Heavy Items Secure, an Open Slot for Easy Handheld Carrying and a Regular Shape Hook for your Business and Clothing Needs. When Reversed use Either the Carabiner or Hook to Fasten your Accessories or Bags Giving you More Options.
  • The MILITAUR Hanger was lab tested at 80kg (approx 175lbs), it's designed to support your gear with no issues. Carabiner is high quality aluminum at 25kn.

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