Adjustable MILITAUR Ventilation Vest (Unisex)

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After Hearing your Feedback, we Designed and Developed a FULLY ADJUSTABLE Ventilation Vest so that you can Customize it to your Body Type (Unisex). This Innovative Vest has 4 Points of Attachment - the Shoulders and Side Straps which Allow for Unique Comfort and Fit. 

Each Vest comes with Front and Back Vest Panels, 2 Adjustable Shoulder Straps, 2 Adjustable Side Straps, 2 Removable Velcro Straps to Ensure your Ventilation Vest Remains in Place and 8 ventilation hook attachments.

This Innovative Ventilation Vest Creates a Space Between your Body Armor/carrier and your Undershirt. Creating Airflow and Breathability, so Refreshing Cool Air Circulates and Cuts Down on Heat & Moisture Build-Up. You will Notice a Reduction in Sweat, Resulting in a Drier Undershirt at the End of Shift. 

  • Provides Weight Distribution: Allowing your Body Armor/Carrier to Sit More Comfortably & Feel Lighter. So, when you Go Launching Out of your Cruiser to Chase Down a Runner, You'll Stay Cool and Comfortable.

  • Helps Reduce Sweat: No Matter what Season it is, you can Bet that you'll end up Sweating in your Body Armor. The Adjustable MILITAUR Ventilation Vest lets Heat & Moisture Escape, Allowing for Fresh Air to Flow Freely. The Result? Less Sweat, Less Fatigue, & More Comfort. 

  • Helps Cut Odor: Sweating Under your Body Armor/Carrier Quickly Leads to you (and your Partner) Dealing with Some Serious Stink. Our Vest Keeps the Funk Away by Allowing Moisture to Escape. 
  • Helps Prevent Chafing: Having your Body Armor/Carrier Rubbing Against your Skin All Day (or Night) can Create Nasty Chafing. The Fully Adjustable MILITAUR Ventilation Vest is Made from a Lightweight Mesh that Keeps your Gear Off your Torso, Protecting you from the Effects of Chafing.

Always look for genuine MILITAUR products

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Adjustable MILITAUR Ventilation Vest (Unisex) - MILITAUR
back view of militaur ventilation vest
Adjustable MILITAUR Ventilation Vest (Unisex) - MILITAUR
Adjustable MILITAUR Ventilation Vest (Unisex)
female cop wearing a militaur ventilation vest
Adjustable MILITAUR Ventilation Vest (Unisex) - MILITAUR
Adjustable MILITAUR Ventilation Vest (Unisex) - MILITAUR
strong police wearing a militaur ventilation vest under internal carrier
unisex militaur ventilation vest with full adjustablility
police officer wearing a militaur adjustable cooling vest
Adjustable MILITAUR Ventilation Vest (Unisex) - MILITAUR
how to wash a militaur ventilation vest
features of a militaur ventilation vest
Militaur Adjustable ventilation vest size chart

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