Door Stops Singles (Box of 10)

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Door Stops Singles (Box of 10)


First responders know the importance of time and getting your crew/back-up through a secure door once you've made entry. No more looking for a rock or a newspaper to wedge a door open. This ultra convenient door jam will become an essential tool while on duty. Its design is unique for quick and easy storage access, with the flexibility to work on any door. Be safe, act quick and get your back-up through the door while you go take care of business.

These door jams are easy to use and can be placed on the top, on the edge or over the hinge of any door allowing for quick entry into a secure building or house.

  • 2 Colors to choose from: Black or Orange
  • Attach it to your backpack, insert in your MOLLE/PALS for quick access and convenience
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • These are Door Stops made out of TPE Rubber.
  • Do not place on sharp hinges or machinery.
  • High Vis Orange: When energized by the light, the high visibility orange will GLOW in the DARK allowing your back up to easily identify entry in situations where there is low or no light.

*While our products are versatile and functional, it's important to note that they are not indestructible. Just like any other item, they can be susceptible to damage, loss, theft, and wear and tear depending on how they are used. Additionally, please be aware that they are not fireproof since they are crafted from TPE rubber, and direct exposure to flames can cause them to melt. 

TIP:  If you are worried about them being snatched, throw them on top of the door (harder to reach) or the hinge of a door where its not overly visible.

Squish/Squeeze the ends/arms of the door jam to create a tighter and snug fit. 

 Always look for genuine MILITAUR products

MILITAUR First Responder Door Stops Black 10 pack
MILITAUR First Responder Door Stops high visibility orange10 pack
the best police door stop - black militaur first responder door jam
the best door wedge on the market - militaur orange first responder door stop
the original first responder door stop by militaur
the militaur first responder door stops are molle compatible
buying agency or bulk on police door stops save you money
female cop using militaur first responder door stop
sheriff using a militaur first responder door stop
how to use a first responder door stop
Militaur high-visibility door stop glowing
molle compatible door wedge door jam high visibility
molle police door stops by militaur for first responders
police officer with a militaur door stop / jam

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I bought a box for some of my department members and they love it.


I used this yesterday and the metal door cut through rubber when door closed on it. I was kinda surprised it was damaged so easy


Great low cost option for first responders that need to keep opened locked doors open


I really like the idea of these. I am sad we have to carry these but am glad there is a commercially available solution. The build quality is nice and the add on tags are a great touch. I only hope I never need these for an attack event, but I will be glad too have had them in case. I do recommend getting a set.


These are so great. My shift of LEO’s each got one.