MILITAUR Door Stop/Jam (Pastel-3 Pack)

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Our Militaur door jams are made from a durable material allowing for flexibility for multi door use.

These door jams are easy to use and can be placed on the top, on the edge or over the hinge of any door to stop self-securing/locking doors from closing behind you.

This 3-pack comes with a blue, white and pink door stop, each with a corresponding 100% nylon paracord attachment for easy grab access.

This pack is perfect for contractors, schools, couriers, grocery carriers and movers when working in environments with secure doors on scene. No more using a garbage can, rock, grocery bag or plant to wedge a door open. These ultra convenient door jams will become an essential every day carry in your world. The unique design makes these jams easy to carry, store and use with the flexibility to work on a variety of doors.

These doorstops work great for parents that have curious little humans with small fingers, place a jam on the door to help prevent fingers getting pinched or slammed in doors. More tactical, classy and durable then the thick foam ones on the market.

  • 3 PACK – 1 blue, 1 white and 1 pink.
  • Light weight, compact and easy to use.
  • Nylon paracord to allow for easy grab.
  • When energized by the light, they will GLOW in the DARK.
  • These Doorstops are made out of TPE Rubber. They are NOT MAGICAL in any way and if you take them to hell and back; they can be damaged, lost, stolen and break depending on use.
  • Do not place on sharp hinges or machinery.

 Squish/Squeeze the ends/arms of the door jam to create a tighter snug fit.

*For the original Black and High-Vis Orange First Responder Doors stops Click Here.

Always look for genuine MILITAUR products

Militaur door stop in pink white and blue
MILITAUR door jams/stops available in pink blue and white
militaur door stop in blue
Militaur glow in the dark door stops
Militaur pink door stop / jam
the best door stop for police in white
Militaur door stop for moving companies
most sleek door stop on the market

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